African America

A disgruntled South African woman leaves her fiancé and embezzles money from her job to pursue her dream of being a Broadway star in New York City.

Strike Back

Story Strike Back Movie Poster Strike Back Cast & Crew Production Company: Country: China Language: Mandarin Runtime: 88 Adult: No Genres…

Crossword Mysteries: Terminal Descent

After volunteering to participate in a crossword solving competition with a new supercomputer, crossword puzzle editor Tess Harper finds herself swept into the investigation of the bizarre murder of a tech CEO

Hell Hath No Fury

The search for a newlywed's missing wife becomes a descent into Hell as Spencer (Joseph Pascone) falls into the clutches of a psychotic, sadistic stalker who will do whatever it takes to make him hers.

Mahjong Treasure Bath Chronicle

Namba Hiryu was captured by Kisaragi-kai, a group of villainous sparrows who are opening dark gambling venues at hot spring inns nationwide! Mashiro, a daughter who learned mahjong from Hiryu when she was young, challenges the Kisaragikai with Chiko, who was the leader of Hiryu, in order to protect the public bath at her parents' house! Mashiro and his friends struggle with the sneaky mahjong of the Kisaragikai, but when they enter the hot springs and their bodies get hot, the mahjong becomes stronger! ?? Can Mashiro and Chiko rescue Hiryu without losing the peeping of Ishiwa's toothed turtle and the strip mahjong confrontation with Ito's black panther? ??

Million Dollar Kiss

Story Million Dollar Kiss Movie Poster Million Dollar Kiss Cast & Crew Production Company: Big Hand Films, MO Films Country: Ukraine…

Modern Love

An anthology film made up of 15 stories about love, romance and dating in contemporary London.

My Love

It's Valentine's Day in the 1960s, and Kay and Rose recall when they first met and fell in love.

The Last Retreat

Four friends win a weekend away at a luxury retreat in a secluded location. Once they arrive everything is going to plan, until they hear a ringing phone...

The Perfect Wedding Match

Programmer for the ‘Plus Ones’ matchmaking app Maisie Jacobs is single and dateless for her little sister Ali’s wedding. Keen to avoid her family’s questions, Maisie uses the app to find her own plus one – but is sent the only person she would never date! Could the mix-up be her chance for true love?