America: The Motion Picture

A chainsaw-wielding George Washington teams with beer-loving bro Sam Adams to take down the Brits in a tongue-in-cheek riff on the American Revolution.

À la recherche de la musique de l'Antiquité

Story À la recherche de la musique de l'Antiquité Movie Poster À la recherche de la musique de l'Antiquité Cast & Crew Production Company…

Let's Dream

Let, a reclusive, insomniac photographer, is hired to photograph a mysterious client in the forest late one night, and soon finds himself pulled into a bizarre, otherworldly quest.


Jay, a young man haunted by a murder committed back home in Malaysia, is sent to a housing block marked for demolition in Singapore. There, in this uncanny and at times surreal setting, he meets elusive and resilient Hannah, the only female member of a toxic 'family' of criminals. Jay's presence disrupts the fragile alliances between occultist boss Seow, sociopathic thug Alan and disillusioned henchman Patrick. Jay and Hannah plan their escape with Seow's money but find themselves caught in an endless night of seduction, deadly violence, and betrayal. And when the sun comes up, it won't be over. 'Malam' plunges into a humid, seething underworld of sexual jealousy, perverse power struggles and Southeast Asian folklore. It is a contemporary and atmospheric thriller about the chance for hope in a deeply corrupted world.

MELH: Armand y la historia de un movimiento

The birth of the LGTBI movement in Spain comes from the determination of the Francoist courts to legislate, prosecute and punish all sexual dissidents with the “Law on dangerousness and social rehabilitation”. This fact triggers the decision of a small group of three people to face it. After a first success obtaining an important international media coverage, this law was modified and the MELH (Spanish Movement for Homosexual Liberation) was born in 1970. The MELH team is led by Armand de Fluvià, the true creator of the LGBT movement in Catalonia and Spain. With his testimony, the documentary reconstructs the birth and growth of the LGTBI movement in Spain.

Memories of Reality

Jacob is quickly digressing into a state of insanity as Davis and Michael are confronted with a new issue: global disease, which only makes matters worse. In a race against the clock, they see the world fade around them, and letters and envelopes seem to be all that’s left for mankind.

Narbonne, la seconde Rome

Story Narbonne, la seconde Rome Movie Poster Narbonne, la seconde Rome Cast & Crew Production Company: ARTE, MC4 Country: France Language…

Prognosis: Notes on Living

When filmmaker Debra Chasnoff faces stage-4 cancer, she turns her lens on herself and the disease. What emerges is a portrait of her extended LGBTQ family —a story about hanging on while letting go.

Secos & Molhados

The founder of Secos & Molhados, João Ricardo, gives his version of the story of one of the main bands of the 1970s.

Secrets of a Marine's Wife

Friends, family and local law enforcement investigate the mysterious disappearance of Erin Corwin, a young pregnant woman married to U.S. Marine Jon Corwin.