America: The Motion Picture

A chainsaw-wielding George Washington teams with beer-loving bro Sam Adams to take down the Brits in a tongue-in-cheek riff on the American Revolution.


After his girlfriend Michelle goes missing, Eitan embarks on a journey back in time in order to take back the love that was taken from him.


A man drives in the night, leading to an accident. This moment repeats itself, like a loop, the man reliving the nightmare of this one night. In order to escape, he must face his demons and his worst enemy, no matter the cost.

Songs for a Sloth

On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Maxwell meets a talking sloth in his dreams and becomes obsessed with saving the animal's habitat in his waking life by returning to his first passion of music.


The Angler

A fisherman (Matt Beacham) and young mother (Emily Beth Beacham) have a chance encounter when their lines become tangled. But in this story of a mother’s desperate love, there’s more beneath the surface.

The Conscience

Petrograd, Soviet Union, 1920s. Boris Letush, devastated by a personal tragedy, feels the need to put his conscience and his principles before the demands of the cruel system he serves, where law and justice are systematically ignored.

The Perfect David

David is not like your ordinary teenager. He obsessively works on his body—day and night—to reach the idealized self of a bodybuilder. His mother, a well-known artist, controls David’s every move and behavior, overseeing all aspects of her son’s regimen and his daily weightlifting training. As David dedicates himself to further developing his physique, his social life begins to call out to him. His clique of male friends, who relish making lewd and inappropriate jokes whenever they hang out, begins to beckon David to be more outgoing—while attractive classmate Mica sets her eyes on David and works to win him over.

Amityville Vampire

Young women succumb to an ancient vampire curse at Red Moon Lake.


I work with the interaction of space, and being in it, and the energies associated with them. The state of rest, then tipping over from it, and then returning to it again.

Bernstein's Wall

An enlightening, complex look at one of the greatest figures in 20th century classical music whose passion and creativity guided him well beyond the concert hall.