America: The Motion Picture

A chainsaw-wielding George Washington teams with beer-loving bro Sam Adams to take down the Brits in a tongue-in-cheek riff on the American Revolution.

Kume, izgore ti kesa

A group of LGBT people in committed relationships fantasize about their wedding day in a country where same-sex marriage is banned by the constitution.

Lamya's Poem

An inspiring and timely tale about a 12-year-old Syrian refugee girl named Lamya. When she flees the violence of her country, she is given a book of poetry of the famous 13th-century Poet, Rumi. As the perils of her journey mount, the book becomes a magical gateway where she meets Rumi when he was a boy and also a refugee fleeing the violence of his time. In a shared dreamworld, they battle the monsters that follow them from their real world situations, and Lamya must help young Rumi find his calling and write the poem that 800 years later will save her life.

Mount Fuji Seen from a Moving Train

This is a poetic and animated meditation inspired by two trips the director made to Japan. Images and sounds from daily life as well as recordings of his performances, most notably one with the dancer-choreographer Teita Iwabushi. There is no story as such, but a formal construction with sound and images. What can be seen in Japan when Mount Fuji is invisible, lost in the clouds?

My Uncle José

It begins in 1983 in Salvador city, with the attack against José, an ex-member of a left-wing political group. Meanwhile, his nephew Adonias is worried about an assignment his teacher has given him. Consequently, Adonias has to deal with his family's suffering, conflicts at school, and the anguish of having to write his school essay.

Ouija: Deadly Reunion

As some friends prepare a birthday party in a warehouse, Kay and best friend Noah find a Ouija board in a storage room. They try to contact the spirits of the dead, and strange things begin to happen.

Paper Birds

This is the story of a short-sighted child with an exceptional talent for music. He must find his way through the world of darkness to bring back his sister, taken away by the shadows.

Partition, 1921

Partition, 1921, tells the story of how Ireland came to be to be partitioned from the perspective of the British and unionist politicians who divided Ireland. Michael Portillo examines how this happened, unravelling a web of intrigue woven by the British ruling classes for whom the essential issue was defending Ulster

Peter Taylor: Ireland After Partition

In a uniquely personal journey to mark the centenary of the partition of Ireland in 1921, award-winning reporter Peter Taylor revisits the films he has made over the past 50 years to reflect on the controversial issue of a united Ireland. With frank and intimate observations, Peter reveals how his own understanding of the issue has evolved: from the early days when he took a Hull bus driver and his wife to Belfast, and a group of Catholic and Protestant children to Wales, to his revelatory interviews with MI6 officers and others involved in the secret talks between the British government and the IRA that eventually led to peace.

Plans for Love

After 20 years of living together, Carine, Fabrice and their son have a well-ordered daily life. While Carine is restricted to household chores, Fabrice watches TV all the time, each in their own space, their eyes no longer meet.