America: The Motion Picture

A chainsaw-wielding George Washington teams with beer-loving bro Sam Adams to take down the Brits in a tongue-in-cheek riff on the American Revolution.

The Escape

A hostage tries to escape a dark scary dungeon.

The Mouse and the Cat: Nine Ghosts Blood Wolf

In the silence of the night, the demonic wolf devours the moon, after which the lights of the Heavenly Pavilion go out one by one. Zhan Zhao, the "Imperial Cat", and Bai Yu Tang, the "Golden Mouse", work together to detect a series of strange deaths in Bianliang City and return the people to a peaceful life.

The Show Must Go On! - Live at the Palace Theatre

Presented by Theatre Support Fund+, The Shows Must Go On! and National Theatre Live, the world’s most iconic musicals return to the West End stage with a stunning concert performance live from the Palace Theatre. With a multi award winning creative team, a cast of over 50 West End stars and an orchestra made up of the best musicians the West End has to offer, enjoy the biggest celebration of musicals this summer.

The World of Mindfulness

During the pandemic, the filmmaker’s son found himself stuck at home for a very long time. Ying Liang watched him cut out a portrait of Abbas Kiarostami from a book, and create a face mask on the face of the Iranian filmmaker. Liang observes how his son builds a ‘world’ on his bed, makes a paper airplane, and flies various places with his new friend Abbas Kiarostami. After spending the whole day flying, he falls asleep on that same bed with the family’s kitten. In his dreams, he uses the ‘magic’ he has learned from an online magic course to remove the face mask. With The World of Mindfulness, Chinese filmmaker Liang – who is now living in Hong Kong – creates a marvellously simple piece about the world of childhood, adding a touch of playful cinephilia.


Two's a Lesson

When a young and innocent teen discovers an empty packet of old playing cards, he must navigate the world of magic in an attempt to get a response out of his bed-ridden, Alzheimer-diagnosed grandfather.

Upon Her Lips: Heartbeats

Witness and explore a whole range of emotions and desires in this series of stories about the lesbian experience. From rediscovering a lost parent in Israel, coming of age in rural Appalachia, finding love in friendship through meditation and imagination, to fending off the competition in a boot-making contest in New Mexico - what Upon Her Lips proves is that variety is the spice of life.


Unlawful Duties

Directed by Sunil Kulkarni. With Dennis Mallen, Chrystopher Avant, David Mann, Alex Odunuga. Two officer on night duty receives a call to investigate a disturbance in the area only to discover more than they expected


"Where the Truth Lies"

"Where the Truth Lies" is a modern day fairytale about a teenage girl afflicted with a curious illness that causes her not to be able to wake up. Elora Basile fell into a deep sleep and has been unable to wake for over a year. Her parents, Randall and Lillian, hire Rosa to help care for Elora.

Wild Cherry

A small port town in the Japanese countryside: Saori, a hairdresser, dreams of big city life in Tokyo. Yokochin, a reluctant rapper, searches for his voice. Kyoko, a femme fatale DJ, is obsessed with her 60’s radio show. One fateful night will change their lives.