Project Spores: All We Lost

A fan film based on the 2013 video game "The Last of Us" and its 2020 sequel

Death on the Nile

Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot’s Egyptian vacation aboard a glamorous river steamer turns into a terrifying search for a murderer when a picture-perfect couple’s idyllic honeymoon is tragically cut short.

Golda Maria

In 1994, Patrick Sobelman recorded his Jewish grandmother Golda Maria Tondovska as she opened up about her experience of the concentration camps.

I Want to Talk About Duras

In 1982, Yann Andréa and Marguerite Duras have been living together for two years. She is almost 70 years old, while he is 38 years her junior. Andréa asks journalist and writer Michèle Manceaux to interview him about his life with Duras, an obsession that both impassions him and drives him mad. He believes by entrusting their story to Manceaux, he may gain more clarity of the relationship. What follows is an intense and compelling conversation delving into the deepest recesses of modern love.

Jean-Michel le caribou et les histoires d'amour interdites

Story Jean-Michel le caribou et les histoires d'amour interdites Movie Poster Jean-Michel le caribou et les histoires d'amour interdites…

Marry Me

Explores the possibilities of what might happen when a superstar marries an average Joe as a joke and discovers that perhaps there are no accidents.


Qui se souvient de René Lévesque?

Story Qui se souvient de René Lévesque? Movie Poster Qui se souvient de René Lévesque? Cast & Crew Production Company: La Plénière Country…


Rasa Krida

The second film in the RASA Trilogy, RASA KRIDA will offer the viewer a whole new world of sacred imagination. Unparalleled work in the history of contemporary devotional cinema, the film will depict in the most beautiful natural light Lord Krishna's playful essence. Presented in 2K, the film will become an offering to console the soul.


Struggling actor Cedric seems doomed to lead the life of a loser. He's broke and his girlfriend has dumped him. Even his own father, sister and best buddies have lost faith in his ability to do anything worthwhile. Then finally, he gets a lead role: the superhero “Badman“. A chance to pull himself out of an endless downward spiral and gain his father's respect. But fate strikes again! Rushing off the set in full costume, Cedric has a car accident, loses his memory, and wakes up convinced he really is a superhero on mission! Confronted with real-life adventure and danger, his true nature is put to the test. Does he have what it takes to tackle the forces of evil, defend the weakest among us and beat the bad guys? But you can't just decide to be a hero, let alone a superhero... especially someone like Cedric!


A notorious French ex-felon becomes an informant and infiltrates a Mexican drug cartel.