Project Spores: All We Lost

A fan film based on the 2013 video game "The Last of Us" and its 2020 sequel


Love at 3rd Sight

Léo is a very boring guy with a mediocre life. He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't go out to have fun, he barely talks to his mother, he doesn't like people, he has no friends except his adorable fish he calls Cyclops. It's Valentine's Day and everyone is with their date, except Léo, who feels the need to meet someone. After all, he's almost a grown man and can't live his whole life in his own apartment. Bored, Léo downloads a dating app and decides to meet someone who will make his heart beat faster. His life turns upside down when he meets the charming Bia, a bisexual, feminist, tattooed, and full of attitude girl who soon piques his interest and invites her on a date. But Léo has a big secret that he's been keen to hide from everyone forever, he has a third eye.

Tony Martone

Tony "Untouchable" Martone leads the mafia in East Providence, RI until a rival family attempts to take control of their territory.

A Violent Man

Steve Mackleson is a dangerous prisoner, incarcerated for double murder in a maximum security prison. We follow, as he navigates his struggle against redemption the system and his inner turmoil, when a young black gang member becomes his unlikely new cell mate and a daughter he has never met, finally requests to meet her estranged father, face to face.

Accidentally in Love

Edie finds true love in London just days before she is to return to the US. They are separated, but as fate would have it, they reunite 6 years later in the US.


Acharya, a middle-aged Naxalite-turned-social reformer who launches a fight against the Endowments Department over misappropriation and embezzlement of temple funds and donations.

Archana 31 Not Out

Story Archana 31 Not Out Movie Poster Archana 31 Not Out Cast & Crew Production Company: Country: India Language: Malayalam Adult: No…

Bad Women

Johanna, the hostess of the parish house, does her utmost to ensure that everything goes according to plan. There is no room for error. The last thing Johanna needs is a busload of uninvited guests knocking on the door of the parish house on the eve of an important wedding. However, a passing Russian party has had its car broken down and Johanna soon finds herself accommodating the party at the parish house. Johanna's brother is tasked with fixing the car to get the guests on the road and out of the way quickly. Her brother's entrepreneurial friend, on the other hand, sees great opportunities in the situation and decides to act. The clock ticks, the car won't start, the wedding ceremony is about to begin and the recipe for disaster is in motion.

Before You Die

Upcoming Hindi movie



16-year-old Eveliina decides to end her mother’s extramarital relationship by any means necessary.