Project Spores: All We Lost

A fan film based on the 2013 video game "The Last of Us" and its 2020 sequel



Follows two sisters, Inger and Ellen, and how their relationship is challenged on an anticipated coach trip to Paris.


The Last Race

Story The Last Race Movie Poster The Last Race Cast & Crew Production Company: Punk Film, Česká televize Country: Czech Republic Language…

Vikrant Rona

Story Vikrant Rona Movie Poster Vikrant Rona Cast & Crew Production Company: Country: India Language: English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam…

Virus 32

A virus is unleashed and a chilling massacre runs through the streets of Montevideo. The sick are found in hunters and only calm their fever by unscrupulously killing those who are not yet infected. Unaware of this, Iris and her daughter spend the day at the sports club where Iris works as a security guard. When night comes, a merciless fight is about to begin. Their only hope of salvation comes when they discover that after each attack the infected seem to have 32 seconds of peace before reloading.


Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

A new adaptation of Paul Gallico's much-loved novel about a cleaning lady in 1950s London who falls in love with an haute couture dress by Christian Dior and decides to gamble everything for the sake of this folly.

Ils sont vivants

Story Ils sont vivants Movie Poster Ils sont vivants Cast & Crew Production Company: Country: Language: French Runtime: 112 Adult: No…


Cosmetics saleswoman Kirsi Viilonen dreams of a career as a star artist. When Kirsi meets DJ and radio journalist Paula, she decides to give in completely to her dream of becoming a singer. Despite the scorn of the male-dominated music world, Paula recognizes the star in Kirsi and together they get her a recording contract. Kikka's career takes off when her nipple is accidentally flashed on a TV show. Kikka immediately becomes a national celebrity and one of Finland's best-selling female artists.

Mister Knockout

The story of the life and adventures of the legendary Soviet boxer Valery Popenchenko, the champion of the USSR, Europe and the winner of the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo - about his childhood at the Suvorov School in Tashkent, about his service as a border guard cadet, about his first successes and failures, and about his friendship with coach of the sports society "Dynamo" Grigory Kusikyants. The story is that in any, even the most prestigious fight, the main thing for an athlete is to overcome himself, his fears and weaknesses, and only then it will be possible to win a real victory.