Asmani Bhor

The story of a Muslim polymorphous who dresses up as a Hindu god for his livelihood.



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Avalanche of Love

Romantic comedy takes place during a wedding day of a bride-to-be Alex, whose big day keeps falling apart. Her neurotic mother controls every step she makes, her step father investigates a non-existing crime and her biological father, a bohemian owner of the hotel where the wedding takes place, is responsible for a missing groom. Chaos in the hotel suits the charming ski instructor Peter who convinces an introverted hotel guest Klara to help him create the most beautiful dinner date ever.


Chytrák Ričí

Story Chytrák Ričí Movie Poster Chytrák Ričí Cast & Crew Production Company: Country: Czech Republic Language: Adult: No Genres…

Clapped 6

clapped leaves society behind to go live in the woods, so clipped and clopped have to go a harrowing journey to get him back.

Empire V

Chronicles how loader Roman Shtorkin becomes a vampire and receives the title of Rama II.


Franklin sangra por la boca

Story Franklin sangra por la boca Movie Poster Franklin sangra por la boca Cast & Crew Production Company: Navajo Films, Buffalo Films…

Frog-Induced Insomnia

A diverse crew of cold-blooded criminals camp out in the woods and attempt a night of rest leading up to a long-awaited bank heist. However, the ever-present croaking of an elusive amphibian raises the heat as paranoia, betrayal and long-overdue bloodshed takes hold.

High Hopes

The film deals with reconciliation and alienation of two former school friends who are trying to bond again through a common goal. This, however, proves to be more difficult than expected. Sandro dreams of becoming a movie director one day. For his application at a renowned film school he asks his school friend Emil for help. However, in the last couple of months they've slowly grown apart. To be close to Emil again, Sandro has to overcome his own ego.



It is based on a relationship tale and various people associated with it.