Asmani Bhor

The story of a Muslim polymorphous who dresses up as a Hindu god for his livelihood.

Untitled Digimon 02 Reboot Movie

Now, the gate to adventure opens, and we'll finally met the first human in the world to partner with a Digimon. The first preview brings Davis (Daisuke in the original japanese), the protagonist of "Digimon Adventure 02" series, narrating when he and his Digimon partner V-mon are cooking dinner, when a gigantic DigiEgg appears in the sky. That's when they met the first human to partner with a Digimon. This new movie is about 02 and is supposed to be a sequel to the Digimon Adventure anime reboot of 2020, and a prequel to a potential new Digimon 02 anime reboot.

Intimate Strangers

A psychological thriller set in the post-COVID Tokyo. The film follows a woman looking for her missing son, and a shady young man who approaches her, claiming to know her son.


Want to Get Married

For the journalist Lyuba, everything is going according to plan: the work of the presenter on the TV channel, the successful and wealthy fiance Robert. The plan goes to hell when Lyuba's phone goes down, and she asks to call a random passerby from the phone. It turned out to be Sergey, who also had a calm and measured life until that day. This meeting will launch a series of events that will completely change the life of Lyuba, and Sergey, and themselves.

Bachchan Pandey

Remake of the 2014 film Veeram in which a kind-hearted villager takes down the enemies of his fiancee's father, to safeguard their family.

Blue Thermal

Story Blue Thermal Movie Poster Blue Thermal Cast & Crew Production Company: Telecom Animation Film Country: Japan Language: Japanese…

銀河英雄伝説 Die Neue These 激突 第⼀章

Story 銀河英雄伝説 Die Neue These 激突 第⼀章 Movie Poster 銀河英雄伝説 Die Neue These 激突 第⼀章 Cast & Crew Production Company: Production I.G Country: Japan…

Hanau - Deutschland im Winter, Part 1

The film shows the night of terror on February 19th, 2020 when a terrorist shot 9 people in three locations, then drove home to kill his mother and himself.

Kate & Jake

An ex-couple arrange to meet up again to share some exciting yet bittersweet news. This prompts the pair to reminisce about the early days of their relationship, and the events that transpired leading to it's collapse.


La vida padre

Story La vida padre Movie Poster La vida padre Cast & Crew Production Company: Country: Language: Adult: No Genres: Release date: 202…