Asmani Bhor

The story of a Muslim polymorphous who dresses up as a Hindu god for his livelihood.

Zero Fucks Given

Cassandra, 26, is a flight attendant for a low-cost airline. Based in Lanzarote, she’s always willing to take on extra hours and carries out her duties with robotic efficiency. On the side, she just goes with the flow and floats between Tinder, parties and lazy days. When she suddenly gets dismissed, she is forced to return home.

Life After You

A suburban family struggles with the death of their 19 year-old son, following an overdose of heroin that was laced with fentanyl. The film explores the question of who and what is responsible for this tragedy.

Mental Health and Horror: A Documentary

Mental Health and Horror: A Documentary is a feature-length documentary about the positive impacts and cathartic releases that horror can have on those living with mental illnesses.


Secrets by the Shore

After her sister goes missing, a woman returns to her hometown to help pick up the pieces. While there, she discovers a sinister secret that could endanger her entire family.



Hostage-taking in a maximum security prison. Three felons bring three friends with homemade bombs under their control. A police officer who happens to be on duty conducts the negotiation with the highly narcissistic head of the hostage-takers, who are ready for anything.


Teddy has a week to write an important essay which will decide whether or not he is expelled. However, he quickly becomes distracted and time begins to catch up.

The Rock in the Sea

A Monk living in 9th century Ireland must contend with grief, despair and isolation on a far-off desolate rock.

The Primevals

With The Primevals (David Allen's dream project) , David had brought together all the elements he wanted to explore in science fiction/fantasy filmmaking. In the mid-90s, Charles Band and Allen officially began production of THE PRIMEVALS. With lavish sets constructed in Romania and exotic locations like the Italian Alps, David Allen directed his pet project. After the live action photography was completed, Allen and his crew began the exhaustive work on the intricate effects of lizard warriors, monsters, a Kong-like Yeti. Yet sadly David Allen died before all of the stop motion could be done shelving it for years. But full moon is working on finishing the stop motion and is planning a release in December of 2019 on there streaming service and three disc blu ray set.