Asmani Bhor

The story of a Muslim polymorphous who dresses up as a Hindu god for his livelihood.


Midnight In Hell

Two cemetery custodians attempt to escape their cemetery during the zombie apocalypse.


Story 2030 Movie Poster 2030 Cast & Crew Production Company: WORLD PRODUCTION Country: Germany Language: German Runtime: 18 Tagline…

Saving One Who Was Dead

The father falls into a coma. The mother and son silently concentrate all their powers. They meekly accept the diagnosis but resist the verdict. Yet they reject an open conflict because the life thread is so taut that conflict could inadvertently break it.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

When the evil Dr. Robotnik and his sidekick Knuckles make an unexpected visit to Earth on the search for an all-powerful emerald, Sonic joins forces with a new ally named Tails and embarks on a journey to find the emerald before it falls into the wrong hands.

Tenéis que venir a verla

New film by Jonás Trueba

The Northman

A young Viking prince embarks on a quest to avenge his father’s murder.


Story Vikram Movie Poster Vikram Cast & Crew Production Company: Raajkamal Films International Country: India Language: Tamil Tagline…


En corps

Elise, a very promising classical dancer, is injured during a performance at 26 years old. Although she's told she will no longer be able to dance, she will try to find a new direction in contemporary dance.



Story Icarus Movie Poster Icarus Cast & Crew Production Company: Iris Productions, Iris Films, Rezo Productions Country: Belgium, France…