Asmani Bhor

The story of a Muslim polymorphous who dresses up as a Hindu god for his livelihood.


La Brigade

Story La Brigade Movie Poster La Brigade Cast & Crew Production Company: Odyssee Pictures, Apollo Films Country: France Language: French…

Le temps des secrets

Story Le temps des secrets Movie Poster Le temps des secrets Cast & Crew Production Company: Lionceau Films Country: France Language…


Une mère

Story Une mère Movie Poster Une mère Cast & Crew Production Company: Tripode Productions, Incognita Films, France Télévisions Country…

The Lost City

Follows a reclusive romance novelist who was sure nothing could be worse than getting stuck on a book tour with her cover model, until a kidnapping attempt sweeps them both into a cutthroat jungle adventure, proving life can be so much stranger, and more romantic, than any of her paperback fictions.

The Subtle Lemon Moonlight

The story focuses on a young director already starting to get recognition for his fenomenal cinema debut. At the state of not yet clear head and not being able to figure himself out, he is tearing between love, art and building a career.

Dragon Knight

Many years after the war has been lost, and all the dragons slain, a lone knight travels the lands of Agonos seeking to raise an army against the demon lord Abaddon. When a healer's vision reveals that one dragon still lives, and together with an eager young squire, the knight sets off in search of the fabled creature. As the armies of Abaddon descend on the human kingdoms, the dragon is their last hope of fending off the horde, before it lays waste to the lands of men. But does the creature even exist? And if it does, will it fight for them once more?

Just Like The Butterfly

A husband with a brain disorder that affects his long-term/ short-term memories recounts his marriage & discovers why it’s ending.



A woman of servitude in 1800s Georgia, who escapes the 55 acre confines of her captor to discover the shocking reality that exists beyond the tree line… it’s 1973.

Baba Yaga

An original interpretation of Baba Yaga's story that goes beyond the traditional image of this character. What led the young sorceress Yadviga to turn into the recluse Yaga, living on a swamp in a hut on chicken legs? And what will happen when Princess Sapphire (Sineglazka) accidentally stumbles across Yaga's swamp in her quest to find rejuvenating apples at the world's edge for her evil witch stepmother? Baba Yaga is a colorful and fascinating journey, in which the power of friendship and faith in humanity triumphs over betrayal and evil.