Amazon Stock hits high-time hits on strong earnings

Amazon Stock
Amazon Stock

AMAZON.COM, INC. (Nasdaq: AMZN), the world’s pre-eminent online retailer, garnered the bell after Thursday, the wall expected in both the top and bottom lines. Amazon stock jumped 6 percent (or nearly $ 100 per share), after a short time the action crossed the highest level of all time.

Last year, Amazon’s shares had increased 61 percent in the previous year, 25 percent in 2018 and 4 percent in the day because traders celebrated Facebook’s (FB) earnings as the high bid of shares and the Seattle-based e- Gift expected commercial giants report.

And boy, what the merchant was gossip.
Amazon’s earnings: numbers by Q1. Are these numbers real? After this unprecedented first quarter, investors may have the sole question on the mind. Revenue increased by 43 percent to $ 51.04 billion, which was expected by the market to be 49.9 Billion crossed the billion dollars expectedly easily

But the income per share of Amazon was the real story of the day because EPS jumped 121 percent to $ 3.27 per share. Analysts? They were actually expecting a decline of $ 1.25 per share per year.

When will they ever learn?

Someone may need to put clues in so-called experts that at this point AMZN stock is the closest thing, which is a continuous speed machine in the market.

Operating Segment Highlights: Evolution everywhere. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company’s high-growth, high-margin earning machine – which is largely responsible for the meteorite growth of AMZN shares – 49 percent of revenues increased year-on-year to $ 5.44 billion. Analysts had expected revenue of $ 5.26 billion there.

Joel Vincent, chief marketing officer of Zelda of Silicon Valley, says, “Growth has doubled profits with AWS in order to potentially double revenue up to 2020; Shareholders ignore the P / E ratio in favor of global dominance Are ready for. ” Headquarter Edge Computing Computing

Further prices for Amazon shares were about 94 in Thursday’s announcement.
For the brick-and-mortar division (Read: whole foods), the sale at physical stores was seen at $ 4.26 billion, which was better than the consensus of $ 4.14 billion.

Finally, membership services – CEO Jeff Bezos is coming to the heels of the Amazon that shows that now there are more than 100 million Amazon Prime Members – $ 3.1 billion revenues, 60 percent year-on-year increase Went and was looking for the $ 2.8 billion Clubbing Wall Street.

Although cloud or primary retail is not important for Amazon’s business, AMZN Digital Advertising is becoming a significant force in the market. Amazon is seizing more product ads than the special alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL) and Yahoo’s choice.

“Amazing Sponsor Products Costs increased by 96 percent Y / Y for Qualifying Advertiser Q1,” according to Merkel’s Q1 2018 Marketing Marketing Report. Amazon does not break these numbers completely yet, it also includes “Other” category, which has grown by a good 132 percent to $ 2.03 billion per quarter.

Merkley’s report says, “Spending for headline search ads has increased by 128 percent because advertisers saw more robust competition for these major ad units compared to last year.”
Unlike the retail industry that constitutes the majority of Amazon earnings, digital advertising is an area of high margins, so shareholders should count their lucky stars, these ads and margins-friendly areas like AWS are rising so fast.

And one reason for this is that: Bezos is a visionary for taking big risks and making big investments.

Bezos said in the earnings statement, “AWS had an unusual advantage of the beginning of seven years before facing the same ideology competition, and the team has never slowed down.”

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