Baba Ramdev jointly launched Patanjali SIM card with BSNL

launched Patanjali SIM card with BSNL

Baba Ramdev jointly launched Patanjali SIM card with BSNL. This plan, which mainly consists of three plans, will be valid only for Patanjali’s SIM card!

To talk about the plans, Patanjali, along with BSNL, got Rs 144, besides the plans of Rs 792 and Rs 1584 has also been launched!

BSNL Patanjali’s three main plans

1. In the 144-rupee plan, customers will get unlimited calling on any network without any limit, whose validity will be 30 days, which will also be given 100SMS per day and 2GB of data per day. No charges of these roaming charges will also be charged.

2. 100 SMS and 2GB data will be given daily with unlimited calling in a plan of Rs 792, whose validity will be 180 days.

3. With unlimited calling in the Rs 1584 plan, 100SMS and 2GB data per day will be given, which will be valued at 365 days.

Apart from this, customers will get 10% discount on Patanjali product. Users using this SIM will be given medical insurance up to 2.5 lakhs and life insurance up to Rs 5 lakhs.

On the occasion of the launch of SIM, Baba Ramdev said, “BSNL is an indigenous network and Patanjali and BSNL aim to serve the country.

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