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How to reset password if you forget Gmail password in 5 easy ways

How to Reset Gmail Password: In today’s digital life, most of our work is happening online. For which we have to first create our account on the site related to that work.

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How to Reset Gmail Password: In today’s digital life, most of our work is happening online. For which we have to first create our account on the site related to that work. For example if we To book railway tickets online. If we have to create an gmail account on the website of IRCTC first. One thing that is common in creating a new account on any site is email id. We must enter our email id there. Therefore, its need increases further. And if we talk about email, the name of Gmail comes at the top. Nowadays most people have Gmail Id. Now if there is an account, then it will also have its password. But nowadays we all have many online accounts, which makes it difficult to remember everyone’s password, in such a way, forgetting the password has become a common thing. In today’s article, you will learn how to reset password when you forget Gmail password: How to Reset / Recover Gmail id through forgot password.

Gmail is a part of Google that allows you to create an email account for free and use it without any limitations. The peculiarity of Google is that it gives its users many easy options to recover data and passwords from Google and Gmail. If you have an email account on gmail, you may have forgotten its password at some point.

There can be many reasons to reset or recover Gmail password. The first is the most common reason when you do not remember your Google Account password. And another when someone has changed your email account password. If either of these two happened to you, due to which you are not able to open your email id, there is no need to panic, within few minutes you will be able to reset your password again and then using the email id Will find . Ability

Forgot Gmail password, how to reset with forgotten password

When you try to get your gmail password again through forgot password, google has to first ensure that you are the one whose email id is. To find out, he asks you for some details related to the account. After entering that, they give you the option to reset your password again. The good thing is that if you do not remember any detail, then even after that, Google gives you the opportunity to change the password through other information.

What is required to reset gmail id password?

  1. Last Password: The previous Gmail password that you remember.
  2. Mobile Number: The mobile number you have entered while creating an email account.
  3. Recovery Email Address: These email id that you entered while creating an account.
  4. Account Creation Date: You know the date when you created the account.

It is not necessary that you have all the details mentioned above, if you have any of these information then you will be able to get your password again easily. So let’s start with work, know how to recover password.

How to forgot Gmail forgot Password Reset / Recover

1. First way to get forgot gmail id

  1. First of all, open the website on your mobile phone or desktop. He will see the option to sign in, enter his email id and click on the next button below.

  2. Now on the next page a box named Enter Your Password will appear. Because you do not know your password, please leave it below Forgot Password? Click on.

  3. On this page, it will be entered as the last password you remember … what it is, if you remember the password you used earlier for the email. You can reset by entering your password and clicking on the Next button. If you do not remember it, click on try another way.

2. Second way to get forgot gmail id

  1. Now a new page question will come on your screen, do you have your phone? Meaning you are currently using the same phone from which you last logged in. If you have the same phone, you can click on the Yes button below, which will verify Google and then you will be able to reset your password. If you do not have that phone or you are unable to do so, click on Try again.

3. Third Easy Way (Phone Number)

  1. After clicking on Try Another Way, you get another chance to change the password. Where it will be written Get a Verification Code. For this, you have to enter your mobile number which is recorded in that email. After filling that phone number, click on the send button below.

  2. After doing this, a code will appear on your number which you have to enter in the next page and click on it again and after that all you have to do is reset your password. If you do not have a phone or that number, click on I have my phone.

4. Fourth way (account creation date)

  1. Now you have the option left, by entering the date, make the receiver of your account on the date on which you created your account. On this page it would be written that when did you create this account? That is, on which date you have created this account, just you have to fill that month and year. If you too forgot it, click on try again.

5. fivth way (Recovery Email Address)

If you cannot recover the password with the above four methods, the next option comes to the recovery email address. Recovery email address is entered when creating an email account. Any other email ID you can forget in an emergency when you can retrieve your account using it.

Here you will also see Get a Verification Code, next to which you will have to confirm your email address which you entered while creating the email. You have to enter your email id there.

After inserting it, click on send button. After doing this, a code will appear on your email which you will need to enter in the next page. Enter that code and click Next and then reset your password easily.

Last Step : Change / Reset Gmail Password

If you are able to give Google the correct answer in one of the five ways outlined above, then eventually you will come to the last step which will be the change password. In this you have to enter your new password which you want to use for further use.

  • The first box on this page will be Create Password, in which you will have to enter your new password. Which should be at least 8 digits.

  • The second box will be the confirmed password, in which you have to fill the same password entered above. After this, your Gmail password will be reset as soon as you click on the Change Password button below. For which you have to enter it by logging into gmail account.

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