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How to send email using Gmail

Use Gmail to send email (to send email), Gmail is Google’s email service. But if you are using another email service

Kamal JariaJanuary 07, 2021 · 4 min read · Last Updated:

Today, we will learn how to send email. Sending email is very easy. Through email, you can send your message to your family, friends or anyone, even if it is in any corner of the world, and you can send any message or notification to her by email and this information can be sent to her instantly. Will be sent via the Internet. Will arrive.

We will use Gmail to send email (to send email), Gmail is Google’s email service. But if you are using another email service, the process of sending email remains the same.

To send email, you need a computer that has an Internet connection. To send an email, you will need an email ID so that you can send and receive emails. Here we will use the email ID of Gmail to send email. How do you create a Gmail account if you do not have an email.

How to send email from gmail

  1. First you go to the Gmail site. To access the Gmail site, type into your Internet browser and press the enter button. Or click here:
  2. Gmail’s site will open and Enter username and password there and login to Gmail account.
    Gmail Sign in
    Gmail Sign in
  3. Once logged into the Gmail account, you will see COMPOSE written on the left side i.e. on the left side. Click on COMPOSE.
  4. Clicking on COMPOSE will open a new black window to write a new email.

Now in this new window or box which has been opened, we have to fill some information like: - Who to send email and what to send and some settings, let’s understand it with a little detail. And understand the points given below: -

  • TO- To whom to send email here, enter the email address. If you want to send email to many people, you can fill their email address by clicking on Cc or Bcc. Cc (carbon copy) means that a copy of the mail you are sending will also be added to the email emailed to Cc and others can also see their email ID. Sended (sent) kisses id with us. Bcc (blind carbon copy) means that if you have entered an email id, then it will get a copy of your email but no other receiver (receiving email) will see this email id. So if you want to send email to many people, then you can send multiple emails to Cc or Bcc.
  • Subject- - Here you have to put the topic of your email or you have to write the subject of your email here so that the recipient of the email gets an idea as to what the email is about after reading the subject. Then put the subject of your email in the Subject.
  • Now the body part of the email comes here, you have to write the email here (Full Message). Your message will be here, you can type your message like different colors, sizes and email messages.
  • If you want to attach an image or document to your message, you can also attach it to an email message. But remember that it should be 25 MB in size.
  • When your email is complete, click the Send button to send the email.

If you need to confirm again and see again to whom or to whom you sent the message (email), click in the Saint folder. Here you can see what you have sent to whom.

So in this way you can send emails very easily using Gmail, hopefully now you will know how to send email.

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