Business and financial establishment, Brexit and Davos elites

British business and financial establishment

This week is far from Davos for a large part of the British business and financial establishment, but with the apprehension of an unusual degree for the meeting, the UK’s populist brexit rebellion against a big anti-business business so far.

A conference call with Philip Hammond, Chancellor, in which he tried to convince business leaders that he does not have to worry about the brexit because the government will ensure that there is no deal from the tables for many confident breaks Has been done to confirm the possibility of an installation sewing-up.

Despite the pretense of its “Global Britain”, there has always been an anti-globalist for the brexit, which makes the EU paints a bit more than a corporate racket. From a leaked record of Hammond’s remarks, it seems that the suspicion of a back-threw “Chumokresi” is being strengthened, in which the commercial establishment is ready to bind any meaningful breaks with the government – barely carrying a crony capital If you like, you can.

For some, the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos is very much an embodiment of that world. Despite its superior principles, it is at the core of an arbitrary, globalist approach that attempts to unite business and government leaders in general pursuit of goals. Davos has written almost all the scriptures for deep and unhealthy public-private interrelationships of state and business interests. For decades, political leaders have bowed down their high Alpine slopes to the titles of the global economy, adopting pearls of their knowledge and getting directions from new technology. So in the gloves they have become that they hardly know anyone that they are being manipulated.

Since the financial crisis, there has been a marked change in the weather. It is clearly important for states politicians to listen to the concerns of business leaders, but even the center-right also think that it can be considered as embarrassment. Complaining about not having enough time, Theresa already took her out of the meeting. My real motive, I doubt, is totally populist. Hemond, already being “out”, a lack of big business, is being sent to bat on his behalf.

High priests of multinational corporateism are now strongly identified with Rayman so that they become virtually indivisible, and in this way they have become an object of disgusting intestines among committed breakers, of which many of the free market There are usually pro-business persuasion that really should know better. They throw a stabbing in the back from a comfortable political-economic establishment, and they see Davos as a part of that story. The purpose of Braxtil is to leave the European Union only, it has given feathers to a whole host of provocative discontentes, as it was waking up with revolutionary intentions. Braxtil has removed forces that will struggle to control their liberal free trade cheerleaders.

Due to the fear of being portrayed as a servant of global capitalism by Jeremy Corbin and his colleagues, it may actually be enough to forcibly cut himself off from a professional lobby for a Tori government. But these are awkward times, and Corbin’s anti-corporativist agenda has no chance in the crowd to overturn the established conservatives.

Due to being out of control of the braxtite spiral politics, the sense of restlessness and fin de cecil is increasing in business leaders. Really awkward time|

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