India invites Chinese participation in its plans for expanding electric vehicles

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Indian Electric Vehicles

Beijing: India has planned to achieve electrical mobility by 2030 and Indian Electric Vehicles (EV) welcomes participation and investment of Chinese industries in the expansion of the market, said Nilam Advisor Anil Srivastava.

Srivastava, who led an industry delegation from India and addressed the ‘Global Zero Emission and All-Electric Vehicle’ summit held from 11-13 January, met Chairman Chen Kantai,, And invited China’s involvement in India’s ambitious plans to go for full power mobility.

A press release from the Indian Embassy said on Sunday, “He mentioned that for the ambitious purpose of achieving Electric Mobility in India by 2030, we play a very important role for Chinese EV players.”

electric vehicles in india

A private electric vehicle association of more than 200 leading Chinese electric mobility industries is organizing the China EV100 Forum, China IV100 in Beijing. In this event, the representatives of the industry along with the government also participated.

China is both the largest manufacturer and largest market for cars globally. But car sales fell by nearly six percent to 22.7 million units in 2018 for the first time in 20 years, causing the whole industry to be shocked.

The drop has been attributed mainly to the stringent recession of the Chinese economy, the reductions in automobile pollution and the stringent measures to prevent the sale of new cars in the ongoing trade war with the US.

Recent BBC reports have said that recent data shows that New Energy Vehicles (NYV) is a category that includes electric and hybrid models have reduced the trend of recession.

American Electric Car Manufacturer Tesla

China’s ENV market has made a big profit this month, American Electric Car Manufacturer Tesla CEO Elon Musk laid the foundation for a $ 7 billion plant in Shanghai on Monday. Tesla became the first person to benefit from a new policy which allowed foreign car manufacturers to set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in China.

The first plant outside America, the first of Tesla, is located in a high-end manufacturing park in the south-eastern port of Shanghai. It has been designed with an annual capacity of five lakh electric cars.

Shrivastava said in his meeting with Chen that considering the size of India and China, the two countries have huge collaboration capacity for the EVs.

He said that the two countries should have more dialogue in the EVs industry and there is a proposal to establish a formal communication mechanism between the supporters of an Indian EV industry, NITIYog and China EV 100, which can be received from time to time.

It has been said in the release that he had proposed to hold an industry meeting of players of two parties in Beijing in the first half of this year.

“Chen said that India is an important country for the Chinese EV players and welcomes the participation and investment of Chinese industries in the Indian EV market.”

Earlier, Shrivastav told about the Indian government’s policy for promoting electric mobility, the current state of the sport and future roadmap.

Indian Electric Vehicles

Addressing the forum, he said that the sale of EV was expected to be 30 percent of total sales in 2030, with 25.36 million EVs and 59.17 million (internal combustion engine) ICE.

In 2030, the total automobile sales in India was expected to be 84.53 million.

He mentioned that India is committed to global environmental commitments, and will encourage the development and adoption of clean energy and new energy transport.

Indian auto-makers such as Maruti Suzuki, Tata, TVS and industry associations such as the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) and Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) participated in the event.

Indian industry is looking for techniques related to DC motor, motor control system, EV battery cells.

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