Soulja Boy claims with confidence that he knows everything

Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy claims

Soulja Boy claims with confidence that he knows everything.

Soulja Boy is back with retaliation for 2019! Soulja is ready to collect all the accolades from artists in the game. On his most recent trip to the Breakfast Club, Soulja enthusiastically said that he teaches Drake everything that he knows.

He gives Drake an example of cutting his bars from “What’s Hanin”, which is used with Lil Wayne on the early lines from the song “Miss Me”.

Soulja also says that all artists have owed at least 5% of their earnings because they paved the way for rappers to get social media and when they got out for the first time, they “ruined the hip hop” Took a lot of Ozzy in the game.

Soulja Boy is on a roll in an attempt to make a huge discussion for himself, he also recently claimed that it is the reason that Kanye West has changed and is now very egoistic.

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