Create Gmail account from mobile phone

August 30, 2020  |  2 min read  |  0 views

We had also explained in detail about both Email ID or Gmail Account. How To Create the Email Account. We had also told about it earlier. Let’s learn to create an Email ID or Gmail Account from your mobile phone today.


We all know that Google Play Store runs only with Email ID. Our mobile runs only after login to Gmail account in our mobile phone. Such as: - YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Plus, Google Drive, Whatsapp and some Email ID are required.

Many people create “Google Id”, ”How to make Email ID”, Email (Gmail) account on Google? let’s find out. But they do not get the correct information.

All data is protected by email ID. You can get data back from Gmail ID when mobile is lost. Data will be returned only after signing in to Gmail ID. And you must have backup data turned on. Email ID is also used for sending and sending mail.

How to create Email ID Using Gmail Account

A Mobile Number, Internet and a Smartphone will be required to create an Email ID from your mobile phone. In which internet runs. Let’s see the next step: -

  1. First of all open the Google Play Store app in mobile phone.
  2. In this below, you will see written as Create New Account. Click on it


  1. Then enter your first and last name. Then press the Next button.
  2. Then enter your mobile number. Then you have to click on the Next button. One has to click on the Verify button on it.


  1. After that an SMS will come to your number. Which code will come in. It has to be installed. (Many times the automatic code is verified.
  2. After this a new email address will have to be created. Such as: - yourname_no. Something like this. Once available, press the Next button.
  3. Now you have to create your new email id password. Enter the same password in both Create Password and Confirm Password. And press the Next button.
  4. After this a policy page will come from Gmail. Agree and keep pushing it forward.

This way your Email Id will be created. How to create an email id, how to create a Gmail account. You must have understood this. Now you can download google play store, youtube, whatsapp, game in your mobile phone. There are some problems related to email IDs. So you can ask questions in the comment box below.