How to create Gmail ID and send mail

August 29, 2020  |  3 min read  |  0 views

Create New Email Account. Different types of people keep searching on Google. But they cannot find a good way to create a new Email Account on Google. Today we will teach you to create a new Email Account. By the way, we all know that Email ID has become very important nowadays. Nothing is possible without an Email ID. Email ID is required to send online Banking, college form, Aadhaar card, or message. Now you may be wondering what is the difference between Gmail and Email. There is not much difference between Gmail and Email.


Email is the address of a mail. And Gmail is the service of Email. For more details, we will tell you in the next post. Now we will talk about how the email ID that is created on Google is all created and what is required for it, today we will know about it. Which is very important for everyone. Here’s how to create an Email ID on Gmail. Which you can create a new Email Account in 2 minutes which is called Email ID.

Create New Email ID Account Utility

The utility of your Gmail id or Account is everywhere, such as - to fill the online form, application, Google Play Store for Android Mobile, Facebook, instagram, and Youtube, Aadhar card, Email id is needed for other things.

Need to create a new Email ID Account

  1. Mobile Number
  2. Computer / Mobile (to create Gmail id)
  3. Internet (to create Gmail id)

How to create a new Gmail Account

  1. First click on the Official Website Create a New Gmail ID.
  2. A form will open in front of you, in which you fill the exact details.


  1. After clicking Next Step, a pop-up will see a privacy policy. The “I AGREE” button will appear it. Click on it
  2. Next page you will see “Welcome”. Your Gmail Account ID (Address) will also appear there.
  3. Then click on the “Continue” button.

In this way your new account will be created. Now you don’t have to do anything further. To open your new Gmail account, open the steps given below.

How to open Gmail Account

  1. First open the website by typing in the browser.


  1. A box of username and password will appear there. Enter your user name and password there and click on the login button.
  2. Your Gmail account will open.

How to write and send mail

  1. Click on the Compose button.
  2. To mail someone, enter their email address in the first box above.


  1. The second box will appear on an empty box with “Subject” written on it.
  2. And you can type SMS in the last big box. Click “Attach” below to send image, document file.
  3. Select the file photo you want to send and click on Send button in the last.

How to logout a gmail account

You must have logged into your Gmail account and with that someone must have received the mail, now you know how to log out of Gmail account? You can understand how to log out your Gmail account by looking at the image below. There is an option in the top right to log out. Clicking on it, a sign out button will appear and people can open their Gmail account by clicking on it.