What does Google know about you? Everything!

August 26, 2020  |  4 min read  |  0 views

What does Google know about you? Everything. Really - everything! Especially if you often use many Google products such as Android, Gmail, Drive, Google Maps, or YouTube. Or you use Google search.

It is no secret that Google knows a lot about its users.

Google stores everything, such as what you searched, what place you saw on Google map and what videos you watched on YouTube, everything.

You will be surprised to know that how Google knows so many things about you? Google collects a lot of data about you, including your search history, location and voice search. With this help Google improves its services and relevant ads.

Google’s strategy focuses on servicing target ads using user information, which Facebook and many internet businesses use to display these ads on their platforms.

In other words, the more Google knows about you, the more you will see Ads for your topics of interest. The result of this is that the product you search on Google, the same product’s ads appear on other websites during web surfing.

Google has always been accused of stealing users’ personal information and using it for their own benefit. In order to improve its image, Google has given users the ability to see the information collected by Google.

So where can you see all the information submitted by Google?

Google My Activity:

myactivity.google.com By visiting this link, Google can see what you know less or more but.

Log into the My Activity page using your Google credentials. Here you can see in a timeline what Google has accumulated about you. The tab of each activity like Search, Map and YouTube will tell you what Google knows about you.


This list is a set of websites you’ve visited, every word you’ve searched for, and every YouTube video you’ve watched.

This tool not only displays the history of what you do with Google on the web, but if your smartphone is connected to this account, you will see its history here. You can view this search history in the date range or by filtering a specific product like Play, Music, Books or Video Search.

In addition, here you can also delete your entire search history or delete a particular item’s history.

How to Delete Your Search History In Google My Activity

Luckily, in My Activity, you can delete your search history.

a) Delete Individual Search Items:

If you want to delete only one item, click on Item View from the left side.

Here you can see the history of different items.


Click on the three dot menu button at the top of the item to be deleted, then select “Delete”.

b) How to Delete Your Activity for Individual Services:

A group of the same kind of activity or service is created in My Activity.

To delete a bundle of this group: From the left side, click on the Bundle view.

Click on the three dot menu at the top-left of this group and then click on the Delete button.

c) Delete Activity Using Search & Filters:

You can delete the search history of an activity by searching or applying a date filter.

In this, you can delete the history of different services like Ads, Android, Chrome by applying date search filter.

Click on the three dot menu on the top left side, then click on “Delete activity by”.


From this page, you can delete a specific activity, like I am going to delete YouTube history here.

For this, select “All time” from “Delete by date”. Select “YouTube” from the product.


Now click on the Delete button below.

d) Delete everything in My Activity

If you want to delete everything from Google’s search history, then you can do this easily.

Click on the three dot menu on the top left side, then click on “Delete activity by”.

To delete all activities from this page -

Select “All time” from “Delete by date”.

Select the default “All products” from the product.


Now click on the Delete button below.

Stop Saving Your Activity In My Activity

You can control what should be saved and not in Google My Activity.

If you do not want Google to store the search history of any of your topics, then to turn it off -

Click on the three dot menu on the top left side, then click on “Activity Controls”.


Now a page of Activity Controls will open. Switch off the activity you do not want to save by Google.


To confirm, select Pause.