What Is Cloud Computing, Know Cloud Computing Types And Its Benefits

August 08, 2020  |  3 min read  |  0 views

Cloud Computing is a better Computing Network, we need a good Computing Network for our data to be processed well, Cloud Computing Network is a very popular network, Technology is fast growing in the world.

Today everybody is using it in some way, even if it is being used in mobile, Cloud Computing Network is being used in every way, let’s go forward to know Cloud Computing Definition Read our What Is Cloud Computing from the beginning to the end for information.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing

Google Apps is an example of Cloud Computing that offers Bussiness Application Online and can be accessed by using Cloud Computing. So far, the software programs that you install on your computer and Laptop will no longer be required because The features of all these software will now be available through Web Service.

Google Documents, Google Sheets, Google Drive etc are the most probable example of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing is used to do Data Store, a service is provided through the Internet, then it is called Cloud Computing, in which users use the service according to their needs.

This is Internet-Based Computing, which provides On Demand to Shared Computer Processing Resources and Data to Computers and other Devices, you can access any of the resources stored on the Internet Cloud from anywhere in Internet Help. |

Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is divided into 4 types, which is what you are talking about.

Public Cloud Computing

Public Cloud Computing

There is no control of the user in such Cloud Computing, it remains available to everyone, Public Cloud Computing is less secure.

Private Cloud Computing

The best example of Private Cloud Computing is Google Drive in which all your Documents are Secure with your Email Id and Password, Private Cloud Computing cannot be used by anyone except you, it is more secure than Public Cloud Computing.

Community Cloud Computing

It remains for a member of a group, no other person can use it, members of an organization can use the available data on the site of that organization.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Two or more types of Cloud are used in Hybrid Cloud, as in both the use of Public Cloud Computing and Private Cloud Computing, in which some data is available publicly (publicly) on a site, and some data Available for Registered Users, it is called Hybrid Cloud Computing.

How to use cloud computing?

How to save your Photo, Videos, Document on the Cloud, follow the steps given below.

Step1: To use Cloud Storage, you need a Gmail Id, such as Gmail or Google Account if you do not have a Gmail account, then first create your Gmail account.

Step2: If your Gmail account is already created, then log in to your Gmail account.

Step3: After logging in, open the Drive app and click on the + option.

Step4: Now you will see some options, from this you have to click on the Upload option.

Step5: Now you can select any Video, Photo, Document from your gallery and upload it to Drive; Upload to Drive can download any information from any Gmail account by logging in.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is very beneficial, further, the advantages of Cloud Computing have been explained.

  • With this, you can use your document anywhere at any time.
  • Files can be used together at different places in Mobile, Computer, Tablet simultaneously.
  • It is very easy to use, it looks like a Computer / Windows Explorer.
  • If you have saved all your contact and information on Cloud Storage, then it remains safe even if you have a phone format, you will login to your email and your data will come again.
  • You can also edit your files online.
  • There is no limitation of any file size, any size file can be shared online.
  • To use Cloud Computing, you do not need to add additional hardware.
  • Many providers also provide this service in free such as - Google Drive that you get in storage free up to 15gb.