What is gmail and email?

August 27, 2020  |  1 min read  |  0 views

Gmail and email are used by almost everyone today. Today all the people who use Android mobile, or computer, are all knowingly and unknowingly using Gmail and email. A few years ago, letters were used instead of these gmail and email. When people used to tell their message through a letter to a distant person, they used to call it a letter and today when they do the same thing immediately from their mobile or computer, it is called email or Gmail.


Gmail and email are not much different. Their names are different and the work is the same. When you use Google’s free service Gmail, it is called Gmail. But if you do the same by paying money from a company, then you get an option to replace your favorite word in place of Gmail and it is called email.

Like Google Gmail, many companies allow you to create mail IDs for free like: ymail, hotmail etc. The word after your mail id is sub domain, that is, the company offering this free service imposes its name. People also know Mail ID by many different names like: Gmail, Email, Gmail Address, Email Address, Mail Address etc.

If you take a web mail service or mail service from a company by paying money, then you get the space and mail features according to your money i.e. package and after that you can create your email id without applying sub domain of any company.

In today’s time, Gmail is being used the most and we get this service through Google company’s mail service. The full name of Gmail is Google Mail, so whenever you create your email account on Gmail, it is followed by Sub domain i.e. Gmail.com. Email means electronic mail (E-MAIL: Electronic mail). Using email and Gmail, you can message someone, chat, share files, etc.