What is hacking, everything know about hacking

August 06, 2020  |  1 min read  |  0 views

What do you know about hacking?

Do you think that being in someone’s Facebook account our Google account is called hacking not really. Hacking into computers is any technical effort to manipulate network connections and the behavior of connected systems. Hacking has historically been referred to creative clever technical tasks that were unrelated to computer systems. Hence when hacking started. In the 1960s, MIT engineers conducted some harmless technical experiments and enjoyed learning activities that were so-called facts.


7 hackers before internet, u.s. Used with methods to modify telephones to make long-distance calls over phone networks illegally. As computer networking and the Internet exploded in popularity data networks became the most common targets of hackers. Malicious attacks on computer networks are officially known as cracking, while hacking only applies to activities with good intentions.

However, most non-technical people realize this difference, hacking on computer networks is often done through scripts or other network programming. These programs most often manipulate the information passing through our network connections to get extra details about how the target system works. Many such prepaid scripts are usually posted on the Internet for anyone to use entry-level hackers. More advanced hackers can study and modify these scripts to develop new methods. Some high-level hackers work for business firms to protect companies’ software and data from external hacking. Pulling technologies on the network include denial of worms, which denies DDoS attacks or establishing unauthorized remote access connections on our devices. I will talk more about virus worms DDoS attacks etc.